Why do I keep getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR?

The most common reason for this error is the incorrect date on your system. The date of your system should always be synched with the date of the website’s server. When the system date is not synced with the server date, then you might expect the ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error to occur.

How do I fix SSL protocol in Chrome?

  1. Set correct system date, time & region.
  2. Clear Chrome’s cache and cookies.
  3. Disable QUIC Protocol.
  4. Disable extensions.
  5. Remove your system’s hosts file.
  6. Clear SSL State.
  7. Lower your internet security and privacy level.
  8. Disable your security tools for a moment.

What is protocol error?

Protocol errors occur when an ATMI call is invoked, either in the wrong order or using an incorrect process. For example, a client may try to begin communicating with a server before joining the application. Or TPCOMMIT may be called by a transaction participant instead of the initiator.

How do I clear my SSL state?

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Search for and open Internet Options.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, select the Content tab.
  4. Click Clear SSL State.

How do I make my connection secure?

How Can I Secure My Internet Connection?
  1. Rename routers and networks.
  2. Use strong passwords.
  3. Keep everything updated.
  4. Turn on encryption.
  5. Use multiple firewalls.
  6. Turn off the WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) setting.
  7. Use a VPN (virtual private network).

What NSPOSIXErrorDomain 100?

When this error occurs, you may see this or similar message on the screen: Safari Can’t Open the Page. Safari can’t open the page. The error is: “The operation couldn’t be completed. Protocol error ” (NSPOSIXErrorDomain:100)

How do I get rid of SSL connection error?

7 Ways to Solve Your Android SSL Connection Error
  1. Correct the Date & Time on Your Device.
  2. Clear Browsing Data of Google Chrome.
  3. Reset Your Network Settings.
  4. Deactivate Your Antivirus App.
  5. Update Your App/Browser.
  6. Visit Website in an Incognito/Private Mode.
  7. Reset Your Device.

How do I turn off QUIC protocol?

Disabling QUIC protocol

Disable QUIC in Google Chrome: In the URL type «chrome://flags». Search for «Experimental QUIC protocol» and disable it.

What protocol does Safari use?

The TLS protocol supports both AES128 and AES256, and prefers cipher suites with forward secrecy. Internet apps such as Safari, Calendar, and Mail automatically use this protocol to enable an encrypted communication channel between the device and network services.

Why am I getting an SSL error?

An SSL certificate error occurs when a web browser can’t verify the SSL certificate installed on a site. Rather than connect you, your browser will display an error message, warning you that the site may be insecure. The first is the browser you’re using. The previous screenshot shows an error message on Google Chrome.

How do I fix a connection error?

To fix the error, click Connect on the page you try to open. You’ll see this error if your computer or mobile device’s date and time are inaccurate. To fix the error, open your device’s clock. Make sure the time and date are correct.

Why does my phone keep saying SSL connection error?

Many times the reason for an SSL connection error is as simple as a mismatch between your device’s and the web server’s time & date. To fix this error all you need to do is to enable automatic time and date set up in the settings.

How do I fix SSL error on iPhone 12?

4. How to Fix the SSL Connection Error on iPhones and iPads
  1. Open the Settings app and select General > Date & Time.
  2. Check if the Set Automatically option is enabled. If it isn’t, turn it on.
  3. Manually check if your device is using the correct time zone.

How do you fix SSL handshake failure?

How to Fix the SSL Handshake Failed Error (5 Methods)
  1. Update Your System Date and Time.
  2. Check to See If Your SSL Certificate Is Valid.
  3. Configure Your Browser for the Latest SSL/TLS Protocol Support.
  4. Verify That Your Server Is Properly Configured to Support SNI.
  5. Make Sure the Cipher Suites Match.

How do I verify my identity on iPhone 12?

How to fix “cannot verify server identity” error message on iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max
  1. Restart the mail app. Sometimes random software glitch in the mail app can trigger this error.
  2. Restart your iPhone.
  3. Remove and add email account again.
  4. Reset network settings.
  5. Update software.
  6. Reset the iPhone.

What is an SSL error on my iPhone?

‘SSL Error on iPhone” is an error customarily observed when an outdated version of an SSL certificate in place of the latest TLS version is used by your iPhone to establish communication with a secure website using HTTPS.

What does Cannot identify server identity?

“Cannot Verify Server Identity” is a common error in iPhone and other iOS devices. It means that device considers the mail server’s certificate is fake.