Where you get off meaning?

phrase [tell inflects] If you tell someone where to get off, you tell them in a rather rude way that you are not going to do or agree to what they want. [informal] I’d just go right up to them and tell them where to get off.

What is the meaning of phrasal verb get off?

get off | get somebody off. ​to leave a place or start a journey; to help somebody do this. We got off straight after breakfast. He got the children off to school.

Is it get of or get off?


There is no difference in meaning between the prepositions off and off of.


What is the synonym of get off?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for get off, like: leave, descend, light, depart, escape, go, get away, get, embark, alight and disembark.

How do you use take off?


Learn English: About the phrasal verb ‘take off’
  1. The aeroplane took off on time.
  2. The thieves took off with all my valuables.
  3. He takes off his jacket when he gets home.
  4. I took a week off to move house.
  5. The newly launched English app has really taken off.


What is it called when you get off a train?

alight. verb. formal to get off a train, bus, or other vehicle.

What is the opposite word of get off?

Opposite of to leave or exit a place. arrive. come. show up. turn up.

What is the opposite word of got off?

Antonyms for got off on

detest, hate, abhor, despise, dislike, condemn.

What do you call getting off a ship?

The process of getting off a cruise ship, known as debarkation or disembarkation, is unlike checking out of a hotel; you cannot simply leave your cruise ship at any time on the day of departure.

Can you debark a train?

Although both debark and disembark can mean to remove passengers from a plane, train, or ship debark is more commonly used for removing bark from a tree whereas disembark is more commonly used when removing passengers from a vessel.

What is Unboard?

(transitive, intransitive) To leave a passenger vehicle such as a train or ship; to disembark.

How long can you stay on a cruise ship?


A cruise ship is capable of remaining at sea without refuelling for around twelve days. Most ships will never be at sea for this length of time though, with the majority completing journeys of 7-10 days or less.


How early can you get off cruise ship?

On the final morning of a cruise experience in most countries all guests must leave the ship before the guests joining the next cruise can board. In most environments the latest time to leave the vessel will be between 10:00am and 11:00am.

Do you have to pay to get off a cruise ship?


Government authorities charge cruise ships big bucks to dock in their port, and it doesn’t come cheap for passengers, who have to pay anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of their cruise fare to cover them.


Can you live permanently on a cruise ship?


Not all ships allow full-time residents onboard, but many cruise lines make accommodations for seniors who want to become long-term passengers and remain on the same ship for months or even years at a time.


How much does it cost per month to live on a cruise ship?


The average cost of retirement facilities ranges from $1,500 to $10,000 a month, with an average of around $3,700. The average cost of a month at sea is comparable to this at around $3,000 a month for a standard room on a cruise ship.


Is it cheaper to live on a cruise ship?


At first glance, it seems like living on a cruise ship would be amazingly affordable. After all, a cruise for $500 a week would cost only $26,000 to sail for a year. For many people, that would be cheaper than living on land!


What do cruise ships do with food waste?


While at sea, food waste is stored and sorted separately from non-perishable materials. Most of this waste is then pulverised or pureed into fish food. The disposal can only take place while at sea and well away from coastlines or sensitive marine environments.


How much does it cost to buy a room on a cruise ship?


How much does a cruise ship cabin cost? Bids for stateroom ownership start at $25,000 per inside cabin, $35,000 for an oceanview, and $50,000 for a balcony.