Las cartas han sido por siglos la manera más tradicional de comunicarnos con otras personas. Antes, las misivas se escribían a mano o máquina de escribir, en hojas de papel que se depositaban dentro de un sobre. El correo postal era la forma más común de despachar las cartas.

Con el paso de los años, las cartas adquirieron otras características. Para comenzar, muchas de éstas se envían vía correo electrónico, como archivo adjunto o como parte en sí del email. Aunque haya cambiado los métodos de escritura y envío de cartas, estos documentos siguen siendo muy importantes a la hora de transmitir mensajes importantes.

Si de cartas en inglés se trata, al igual que las redactadas en español tienen cierta estructura que debe ser respetada, sobre todo, en las cartas formales. Básicamente, se escribe un breve saludo, se explica claramente la intención de la carta y se finaliza con un saludo y firma.

Ejemplos de cartas en inglés

  • Ejemplo 1: carta de renuncia

Mr. Jack Chang


Uptown Mobiles

Terrace road

Plaistow, London E13

Dear Mr. Chang

Please accept this little letter as my resignation, effective (1st October 2016).

This was a very difficult decision to make. I am very grateful for the rewarding employment I’ve had with UPTOWN MOBILES. After much consideration, though, I will accept a new position with another company.

Best regards

  • Ejemplo 2: Solicitud de empleo

Dear Sirs

I should like to apply for the post of accountant as advertised in The Times of 23rd June.

I am currently working for an insurance company in London but am attracted to the position you are offering as it appears to provide more responsibility and challenge. Therefore, although currently engaged, I could be free from any present obligations after presenting a month’s notice.

If you should decide to offer an interview, I should prefer a time during an afternoon.

I enclose my curriculum vitae, which gives full details of my qualifications and work record to date.

Yours faithfully

María López

(FirstName LastName)


  • Ejemplo 3: Carta de amor

Dear John

To be frank, your letter left me quite shocked. Although it’s true that we write too each other quite frequently, it’s because of the friendship that exists between us and because I really like you but as a friend.

During this short space of time I have grown to think of you as a person who I can talk to and trust but not with any ulterior motive. If I called you the other day, it was because I was feeling lonely; as you know, my Seville friends left town some time ago.

I’m afraid that your last letter has rather damaged the friendship that I hoped to carry on with you. Don’t get down about this, John, but I could never feel for you in the same way that you say you feel for me. You probably think I’m a cold person but I just can’t understand how you could tell me all those things when we have only seen each other once.


  • Ejemplo 4: solicitud de reducción de cuotas de hipoteca

Dear Sir

I am writing to inform you of my current economic situation vis-a-vis the repayment of the monthly mortgage instalments.

The firm I worked for has gone into liquidation and all the employees have been made redundant. Although I am presently actively seeking employment, so far my efforts have been in vain.

I do have some savings and I am expecting redundancy payments into my account in the new future, however, I foresee problems with my monthly expenditure. Therefore, to ease my personal cash flow situation, I should like to ask you if I may reduce my mortgage repayments about 200 $ – at least until I am back in employment again.

I should be very grateful if you would give this request sympathetic attention and that you agree with my proposals.

Yours faithfully

Williams Parker