La carta informal en inglés es un documento o texto que podemos redactar sin usar tanta formalidad en el mismo. Este tipo de mensajes, por lo general, van destinados a un familiar o amigo, por lo tanto se evidencia el uso de contracciones, frases cortas, exclamaciones y los populares phrasal verbs.

Este tipo de mensaje se diferencia de una carta corporativa o empresarial, ya que en ella sí debemos hacer uso correcto de la gramática inglesa. En la carta informal en inglés incluiremos el saludo, cuerpo, despedida y si es necesario un posdata.

3 Ejemplos de Carta Informal en Inglés

  1. Monday, July 2018

Hi José.

I’m going to your city the next Week. This is just a note to remind u to call me as soon as u can. I can’t wait to meet you n your family once again.

Hope 2 see u soon.



  1. Thursday, August 1st 2018

Dear Carmen.

What’s new? I was glad to hear from you.

I’ m so cool living here. This place isn’t bad as I thought. This city makes me feel very good. I arrive last Monday and my new friends help me to paint my house two days ago.

I remember all of u every day, see u soon.

With Love


  1. September 18th, 2018

Hi Lola

How are you? I’m writing this letter because I’m sorry I’ve taken so long time to write you and want to know if you r ok.

After that, I want to know if you’re able to send me the books I borrowed you last week because need them to study during the summer.

Take care

Keep in touch.