Un examen en inglés es como cualquier otra prueba o test, sólo que completamente realizado en inglés. Consta de diferentes partes (cuando es escrito) que pueden ser: de selección simple, comprensión lectora, escritura, construcción de oraciones, asociación de imágenes con palabras y, en algunos casos exámenes orales.

Algunos contienen todas estas partes, otros sólo 3 de ellas; todo depende de tu nivel de inglés y la institución donde decidas aprenderlo. Ello también aplica para las reglas de resolución del examen y el tiempo permitido para las respuestas.
Muchas academias o institutos de inglés han modificado sus plataformas al aprendizaje online, lo que lo hace más interactivo y puedes realizarlo desde cualquier lugar. Por tanto, queremos presentarte algunos modelos de examen en inglés para que ubiques un poco sus partes.

Ejemplos de examen en inglés


Ejemplo 1: Examen en inglés: Selección Simple



PRIMERA PARTE Use of English and Vocabulary

Marque en negrita la opción que le parezca más acertada. Sólo una es correcta. No debe marcar más de una.

1. Is he James? ________
a) No, he is. c) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he is. d) Yes, he’s.

2. I’m Miss Martin. How do you do? _______
a) How do you do? c) Excuse me. b) Good bye. d) Good morning.

3. How are you? _________
a) I’m English. c) I’m a doctor. b) Fine. d) Yes, I am.

4. What do you do?
a) I’m a waiter. c) How do you do? b) Very well. Thank you d) I’m Italian.

5. Do you speak French?
a) Yes, you do. c) Yes, I speak. b) Yes, I am. d) Yes, I do.

6. My father’s sister is my______________ .
a) daughter c) uncle b) aunt d) cousin

7. “____________ have a timetable, please?” “Certainly, madam. Here you are.”
a) Would you b) Can you c) Can I d) Would I

8. ‘We can go to the theatre by bus and get _______ at Colon Square.’
a) off b) out c) down d) on

9. Where do the children go every day at 9’00?
a) They are going to school b) They go to the school c) They go to school d) They going to school

10. Why are you doing this course?
a) It’s more cheap. b) It’s more cheaper. c) It cheap d) It’s cheaper

11. Tom’s house is……………………than Jane’s
a) better b) more good c) gooder d) the gooder

12. Hanna isn’t married, ________________
a) is Hanna? b) is she? c) she isn’t? d) isn’t she?

13. A: ‘Where can I get a ____________ ?’
B: At the greengrocer’s
a) pound of strawberries b) loaf of bread c) packet of sugar d) beef steak

14. ‘We are going to the supermarket. Tell ____________ what you need.’
a) us b) our c) we d) ours

15. ‘Margot works as a supermarket assistant. Ask ____________ what she has to do.’
a) she b) him c) her d) hers

En el siguiente diálogo, marque la respuesta que le parezca más acertada de las que se ofrecen para cada hueco.

A: Excuse me……16………a post office near here?
B: Yes, sure. Go…….17………….. It’s in High Street.
A: And…………18………..to High Street?
B: Take the ………19…………on the right, it’s …..20……the library.
A: Thank you.

16. a) there is b) where is c) is where d) is there
17. a) along b) to c) straight ahead d) right
18. a) how I go b) how do I get c) do I get d) how I get
19. a) turning first b) turning second c) second turning d) turning
20. a) on the left b) next c) on d) opposite


Ejemplo 2: Examen en inglés: Comprensión lectora


  • Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space
  • Mark the correct letter A, B, C on your answer sheet

Student life
For those who are new to the city, Glasgow is a wonderful place to explore, to try something new, develop your skills and get an excellent education. Those students already living in Glasgow will know what a great city it is, but will now get to experience it from the perspective of a new student.
Glasgow is one of the most exciting cities in the UK and has one of the largest student populations. You will find something to cater for every taste, be it dancing until 3am, shopping for the latest fashions, sampling some of the local music, or relaxing in one of the many coffee shops.
The University offers many opportunities to get involved in student life. Join one of our two Student Unions, both offering endless hours of entertainment. Become a member of a club or society or start your own – an ideal way to make new friends.
Make a difference by standing for election in the Students’ Representative Council. Become a Student Ambassador and assist at Open Days and Campus Visits. These are just a few of the ways you can make your time at university as fulfilling and exciting as possible. Life at the University of Glasgow is more than just getting a degree. (Words: 216) Source: http://www.gla.ac.uk


Example question0 Choose the correct answer according to the text.
Example: Glasgow is a _A_.
A. fantastic city
B. surprising city
C. Beautiful city


1. Who is the article for?
A. Students who are new to the city
B. Students from Glasgow who are new to the university
C. All new students


2. What activities are mentioned?
A. Local dance classes and playing music.
B. Shopping until late and relaxing in the local bars.
C. Night life and clothes shopping


3. Which of the following can students do to get involved in student life?
A. Create a club or society
B. Join both student unions
C. Start your own band


4. According to the text, you can make a difference by
A. becoming a member of a society
B. getting involved in student elections
C. organising campus visits